5 Exercises That Even People with Low Stamina Should Do


Generally, working out requires a certain degree of stamina to start with. But due to medical conditions or lack of frequent exercise, there are individuals whose stamina levels are just too low, who might find it really hard to get started with certain exercises or to play certain fast paced sports such as basketball or soccer.

If this is you, worry no more, because I’ve got good news; this article will reveal to you certain exercises that you can perform t0 help you develop stamina right from square one.

1. Hybrid Exercises

This method involves combining more than one exercise to produce a desired result. The activation of different muscle groups causes an increase in your stamina and cardiovascular fitness. All you need do is to engage in a simple exercise that requires more than a single pattern of muscle movement. You can do simple exercises such as the shoulder press, power lifting or lunge press.

2. Fast Paced Lifting

Usually, weight lifting has been associated with building stronger muscles but health experts have explained that if weight lifting is done at a faster pace and at a high enough intensity, it will also improve your stamina.

3. Jogging

If you’re not yet fit then you won’t become a champion marathon runner overnight but you can start out by gong for a jog over a distance that is comfortable for you. Simply get a comfortable pair of shoes and hit the road, remembering to maintain a steady pace. Regular jogging can help build strong bones and strengthen the core.

4. Cycling

“Cycling is one of the easiest ways of exercise as almost everyone can ride a bicycle and we can take a bicycle anywhere we want.” Frequently cycling can really help you strengthen your core and lower body muscles which are the foundation for developing good stamina.

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5. Walking

Believe it or not, a fast paced walk could yield the same cardiovascular benefits as jogging over the same distance. Apart from improving your stamina, regularly walking as numerous advantages, ranging from reducing the risk of developing chronic illness heart diseases, diabetes, asthma and high blood pressure. Once in a while just leave the car behind and walk over that short distance, and while at work forget about the elevator or escalator and use the staircase.

In conclusion, learn how to keep it as real as possible: while it is good to be head-strong in pursuing your desires, you should also be sure to recognize and accept your limitations. Know where your strength lies, and know when to stop and rest.

image couresy: planetayurveda.com, fitday.com.

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