9 Reasons To Workout Today

9 Reasons To Workout Today 2

Almost everyone has heard that exercise is good for the body. But what lots of people don’t know is that exercise is good for a lot more than just losing weight or building muscles. From improving the way you think, boosting your self-confidence to living a longer life, you should never take working out for granted. Within this article we have compiled for you 9 other benefits of engaging in regular exercise.

1.  You’ll Improve Your Memory

Have you noticed how you think a bit more clearly after a good workout? The brain benefits from the increased supply of oxygen, and studies have shown that exercise can boost one’s memory and help one learn better.

2.  You’ll Have Better Posture

If you are ever looking to develop better posture, then exercising those muscles holding back is a perfect way to get it done. Professionals will tell you that regular exercise on your abs, back and other muscles can significantly help you attain a better posture.

3.  You’ll boost your confidence

Improving on your appearance is what happens when you exercise, which in turn can improve your self-confidence. What’s more, exercise can also help you feel a sense of accomplishment. So whether or not you get quick results, that effort will make you feel better and a bit of confidence can help you achieve a lot.

4.  You’ll de-stress

While stress can be triggered by a rough day or a more serious, chronic problem, engaging a little physical exercise will help you get your mind off of whatever might be the cause.

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5.  You’ll sleep better

Are you having trouble sleeping at night? According to studies, performing exercise a few hours before you go to bed can help you sleep better. Equally important, avoid exercising too close to your bed time as you might actually experience the opposite effect.

6.  You’ll have more energy

While most people might feel exercise drains their energy, some studies have shown that regular exercise can actually make you feel more energized throughout the day. Further studies have proven that exercising in the middle of the day can leave one feeling more energetic and productive for the rest of that day.

7.  You’ll have better sex

Whether you know it or not, regular exercise for men has been seen to increase arousal as well as decrease erectile dysfunction. This happens so because exercise improves circulation, which is quite a significant factor to consider during sexual intercourse.

8.  You’ll get sick less often

Everyone wants to be in perfect health and exercise can help. According to a recent study, people who exercised regularly were half as likely to catch a cold compared to people who didn’t–the benefits of exercise just keep getting better.

9.  You’ll Live Longer

Do you want to live longer? Don’t we all? While it no secret that healthy living is essential for a longer life, you might be surprised at the results of a recent study that showed how exercise improves life expectancy by just as much as quitting smoking does.

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