6 Simple Ways to Do a Thorough Body Cleanse- Detox

Detoxing is the act of making certain lifestyle changes to clear the body of toxins. These changes to lifestyle typically involve abstaining from certain harmful things. Some changes are temporary while others are meant to be permanent.

Toxins are any substance that tend to be harmful or can cause negative health effects in or on the body. These include all the metals, chemicals, pollutants, artificial food ingredients, pesticides and poisons that cause the body harm.

We are in constant contact with harmful organisms and pollutants. They are found everywhere, in the water, the air we breathe, in the food we eat, everywhere! So it’s almost impossible to avoid them.

There is no practical way to protect yourself from all the toxins in the environment. You would have to live the rest of your life in a hermetically sealed suit (and it would be a short life since you couldn’t eat or drink.) Fortunately, there are ways to counteract some toxins and pollutants. This can be done by detox- cleansing the body.

Here are 6 steps to detox your body:

1. Choose the right foods

You are what you eat. One of the best way to support your body’s detoxifying process is to lighten its load and decrease the amount of toxins that you put in your body through what you eat.

2. Exercise and meditate

Exercise and meditation help to maintain a healthy body. Exercising helps you sweat, and sweating helps release toxins through your skin. Studies have found trace amounts of arsenic, cadmium, lead and mercury in sweat.

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3. Diet

While trying to detoxify your body, you have to watch what you consume, and dieting will help you put what you eat in check.

4. Purify The Air You Breathe

Another way to detoxify the body is by breathing clean air. You can purify your air by making sure you have proper ventilation at home.

5. Purify Your Body with water

Water is possibly the most valuable tool for detoxifying your body, given that the body’s most basic functions require water. Your body needs water to produce saliva, help with perspiration and to remove waste.

You would need to perform a complete body detox. These mean following the step by step process to the latter.

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