5 Health Benefits of Beans

Beans are of extreme benefit to your health and are loaded with a rich collection of proteins, fiber and minerals with diverse health benefits. They are one of those foods that just fill you up easily when you eat them. Although there are different varieties of beans, as you read further, you will be seeing some of the most incredible benefits that beans in general can render to your body.

1. Reduces risk of cancer

Yes, this is true. Beans have been proven to be a highly potent tool at reducing the risk of cancer. A study by the Harvard School of Public Health also asserted that “those who eat beans at least twice a week had a 25 percent lower risk of breast cancer”.

2. Rich in vitamin A

Beans are one of the World’s richest sources of Vitamin A, coupled with vitamin C and K. Green beans in particular have large deposits of Vitamin A and this vitamin remains one of the principal elements needed for the formation and maintenance of bone tissue. Its vital nutrients also serve as antioxidants that help the body repel free radicals and harmful bacteria.

3. Fertility

Studies on fertility in women have rendered robust pointers on the effectiveness of beans at stimulating fertility. Beans among other things has a rich deposit of iron and a study from the Harvard Medical School has confirmed this. The study explained that, the iron and folic acid present in beans play an essential role in protecting a pregnant woman’s fetus against what is known as neural tube defect.

4. Weight control

Observatory studies have also revealed that an appropriate-routine consumption of beans is a good way to maintaining your weight. Beans have a rich deposit of fiber and this rich deposit gives you the feeling of being filled-up the entire time, it takes your body in digesting the food. Many studies have reported this has proven to be an effective means of weight control.

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5. Reduces blood sugar

Although beans contain a high deposit of carbohydrate, thorough studies have pointed out that this carbohydrate is the complex type of carbohydrate. Additionally, the fiber-rich nature of beans gives the body an ample time to be able to progressively digest it and simultaneously allows the body to regulate its blood sugar level.

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