3 Reasons You Need to Eat Cheat Meals


Eating cheat meals helps you to satisfy cravings with the purpose of adding extra calories to your current plan. You have probably tried so hard to stay true to your meal plan for some weeks now and you are wondering if to have a cheat meal or not. Well, cheat meal is no bad idea, but more like breaking your own rules and stealing into a meal that shouldn’t be taken.

You may think eating cheat meals can move you a step backward from reaching your goal, but that’s not the case. It has its advantages, if well structured.

Below are reasons you need to eat cheat meals

1. You can finally satisfy your cravings

Getting rid of those fatty foods and sugary foods may be the right thing to do, but not everyone can cope with this for a long period of time. Many get frustrated and tired along the line, that they are likely to give up on their goals. With a few cheat meals here and there, you can finally satisfy your cravings and be glad you did, before proceeding with your usual routine. Satisfying your cravings with cheat meals prevents you from eating just anything at any time, in the bid to end your cravings!

2. You’ll have a healthy relationship with food

Changing diet routine prior to weight loss can be disturbing, and some people tend to get used to the new list and see every other meal outside that list as vain. They become scared to eat those meals, with the fear that they will gain much more calories after taking them, which is not exactly the case. Cheat meals will help you realize that you can eat unhealthy meals without it causing you problems or disturbing your weight loss plan. Your relationship with food is then secured.

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3. Keeps leptin happy

Following a low-fat diet for a long period of time can cause your body to adopt to it and this can slow down metabolic rate due to a hormone known as leptin. This is exactly why your diet plan needs to be altered; with cheat meals, your body will not have to conserve fats for fuel as the cheat meals will help create a balance. With this, your metabolic rate will be increased.


Incorporating cheat meals into your diet isn’t the same as having cheat days. Cheat days can be risky, as you are likely to break your rules all day and eating more than you should. Now, you know you can keep up with your weight loss program and still eat your favorite meals that are meant to be avoided. Thanks to cheat meals!


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