4 Health Benefit of Shea Butter to the Hair

It is said that Shea butter is considered to be a natural conditioner for hair. Hence, it helps in many ways, some of which are explained below.

1. Smoothens a dry and irritated scalp

Shea butter is very effective as it helps to smoothen the dry scalp of the hair, reduces irritation, dandruff and itchy scalp. It has anti-inflammatory qualities and gets absorbed into the skin without leaving any greasy residue or clogging the pores. It is also rich in Vitamin A and E, which helps to smooth any dryness and repairs breakage and mends split ends. Hence, it is extremely good for the scalp in improving your hair growth.

2. Serves as a hair moisturizer

It contains Vitamin A and E which helps to moisturize your hair from the roots to the tips. It can also serve as a natural hair conditioner. It is also high in locking in moisture without leaving the hair greasy or heavy. Shea butter has a wide usage in curly hair treatments due to its emollient qualities.  There are lots of chemical treatments like straighteners, perms and curlers which are responsible for stripping off the natural moisture from your hair. Shea butter can help restore the lost moisture in your hair.

3. Helps protect your hair

Shea butter provides protection to the hair against harmful free radicals in the air and water and also protects against harsh weather conditions. However, it has a low amount of SPF that is enough to protect your hair from sun damage caused due it being exposed to ultraviolet radiation and also repairs the damage that has already been caused by the harsh weather and the sun. This is largely due to the fact that once absorbed, Shea butter coats the hair shaft so that it is protected from heat or any other material passed along the hair. Hence, Shea butter protects the hair from damage or breakage, as well as salt and chlorine when it is applied before swimming.

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4. Softens your hair

Shea butter is a great softening agent. Due to its greasy nature, it helps to control and spread the excess oil in the scalp. Massage your hair with a little amount of Shea butter and this will help in making it very soft. It could also be applied on your hair twice a week to promote hair growth which will help to improve your hair texture and also helps in moisturizing your hair.

Image courtesy of: curlynikki.com.

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