4 Reasons to Avoid Perms and Relaxers on Your Hair

Perms and relaxers to your hair are very dangerous as a result of the chemicals in the relaxers. The usages of such items are very terrible to the hair. The shocking thing is that the chemicals in the perm and relaxers is the same chemical used in removing fur from animals as well as turn  a cloth into a different texture. This has more damage to your scalp and as well as your hair.

Here are reasons to avoid perms and relaxers on your hair.

1. Hair breakage

Hair perm and relaxer causes hair breakage as a result of the chemicals used in making them. Relaxers permanently alter the natural pH balance and chemical breakdown of your hair. This results to weakening your hair as well as damaging the scalp. This would make your hair very short and not healthy.

2. Permanent hair loss

This is usually common with the use of chemical hair strengtheners. This starts by burning your hair and making it permanently bald. Your hair do not grow in that particular spot, which is as a result of relaxing and perming your hair. This could be very frustrating and as well as embarrassing. Permanent hair loss can also start out to area of thinning and as time goes on the hair continues to fall out. This would make you to have no hair at all.

3. Scalp irritation

Perming and relaxing your hair leads to scalp irritation or burns. The problem is worsening by using additional product, containing alcohol such as gels or sprays. This actually affects your hair and creates sores on your hair which would take a very long time for it to be healed as well as making your hair to have permanent scalp damage.

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4. Split ends

Your hair is made up of layers which consist of both the outer layer and inner layer. The outer layer protects the hair shaft. When the layer of the protection is damaged with the use of chemical relaxers this causes the ends of your hair to split. This damage can travel up to the hair shaft and cause hair breakage resulting to damage of the hair and making it uneven.

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