5 Benefits of Yoga

Whether you are feeling moody, irritated, heavy or just plainly bored, yoga is the answer. The practice of this ancient exercise has being known to do many wonders like relaxing one and helping them feel much better. Be it as a first timer or an experienced individual, the feeling never gets old and the more you do this, the more you want to continue.

Mentioned in this article are 5 benefits of yoga

1. Flexibility

Are you feeling your bones heavy, joints aching and the lot, you can’t run faster or for long, neither can you stand etc? Yoga aids for flexibility of those bones and helps you with strength and flexibility, the higher you go, the better.

2. Posture

It aids in proper posture. Your body becomes well balanced due to the different poses. You will have to master, as it helps you to be in control of your body. The more you practice the better your posture.

3. Breathing

It also helps with one being able to breathe well. If you find it difficult to breathe often, this exercise is good for you. It helps to calm you down as you focus on your breathing and the strength of your lungs and its endurance. Perfecting this can better your exercising activities like running, as you would not run out of breath.

4. Less stress

Another reason why most people love this exercise is that it helps to release tension from the body. Starting from the breathing process, meditation techniques and certain moves, can help to mute the mind. Putting the likes of anxiety, irritability and stress at pay. It helps you to bring order to your chaotic mind and brain that is always trying to fix everything. The more you practice, the better. As the sense of calmness will envelope and you can stay more in control of your mind.

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5. Heart health

Yoga helps to slow down your heart rate for those with the issues of blood pressure as well as other heart diseases.

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