How Running Everyday Can Help Make Us Healthier

Running regularly can help keep the body healthy and fit, whether one is watching weight or boosting cardiovascular health. Exercising the body can be effective when we make it a lifestyle. Running can be done by everybody anytime and anywhere, one can choose to run down the stairs or choose to run while going to the shop.

An individual can keep up a practice of running everyday by making it a goal and keeping it achievable. A person can build up the practice of running despite one’s current weight. It will help to burn calories and build immediate fitness in the body.

You can be healthy and still have extra fat in the body. Note, a daily running activity develops a strong heart and lungs and can improve one’s breathing technique. According to Perry Fields, a professional track and field athlete, said that people could take shallow breaths to help exercise the lungs and also boost heart rate.

An individual who runs everyday his/her body system quickly make-up with activities and eventually uses oxygen more efficiently, which can help lower the heart rate. Running helps motivate the body with some form of feel good chemicals like endorphin.

1. Effects and benefits of running

 It is good for the heart, according to landmark study, running at least at slow speeds drastically      reduce risk of cardiovascular disease. Never-runners are actually presumed to easily die from heart  diseases than regular runners. Anytime we run, we actually decrease our heart rate because of this the  heart doesn’t need to be overloaded with many thoughts and activities                                                               Running helps the brain pump out two power chemicals that makes us feel good. Chemicals like    endorphins and endocannabiniods                                                                                                                             It helps strengthen joints                                                                                                                                             It counts as meditation, runners have claim that running allows them to think alone and to solve  problems. According to Hamilton, “ taking a run-break from a stressful project can help you return  feeling refreshed and insightful.” Research shows that meditation actually improve focus, boots gray  matter and fight anxiety and depression.                                                                                                                       It keeps one fit and healthy.

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