The Ultimate Ab Workout In 10 Minutes!


Nothing looks better than a chiseled mid-section but it is no secret that the best of things are saved for those who work the hardest, and a well-defined core needs a substantial amount of dedication. However, being dedicated does not mean having to work out for hours on end, and you will probably be pleased to learn that you can achieve those chiseled abs with just ten minutes of exercise every day! Here’s what you need to be doing with your 10 minutes of dedication each day:

1. Russian Twists

Lie on your back with your legs bent at the knees, then raise your trunk as if you are performing a sit-up, then twist it as far as it will go on either side while maintaining your balance. You may use medicine balls for added resistance but it is advised that you focus on the balance and the controlled movement before adding weights. Do as many as you can within 2 minutes.

2. Planks

This is a simple plank with your body weight resting on your forearms and your toes. Ensure a straightened back at all times or you may end up with a backache. Keep the breathing shallow and the core tight throughout the duration of the pose.

3. Heel Touches

Lie flat on your back on a towel or a yoga mat and bend your legs at the knees. Now slide your torso to either side and try to touch your heels. This exercise will work on your obliques (the abdominal muscles at your sides), and you may increase the level of difficulty by slowly increasing how far your heels are as you become more and more advanced.

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4. Air Cycling

Lie down with your back flat against the yoga mat and your arms on either side. Now lift your legs until your thighs are perpendicular to the ground and start rotating your legs as if you are pedaling an imaginary bicycle.

5. Leg Raises

Press your back flat against a yoga mat and place your palms below your hips for assistance. Now, without bending your knees, raise your legs straight upwards until the soles of your feet are facing the ceiling. Now bring the legs down in a controlled movement while maintaining tension in your lower abdomen muscles, and stopping when your feet are about a foot off the floor.

Do these exercises for 2 minutes each, with very short breaks in between, and resting on alternate days. Remember to also use proper diet for the quickest results.

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