Healing Is Not Linear

Healing is not linear, it is a process, a process that might take forever. “Today the sun is golden, radiant, Beautiful! The best thing to happen to mother earth! How powerful, the gaze filled with wonder. Tomorrow. It is the ugliest yellow thing ever seen! Can’t stand the light, its burns the face, O! Wishing …

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5 Ways to Speed up Metabolism

Speeding up your metabolism is one thing every human being needs, that is concerned about health and fitness should go for as, this is the ultimate goal to weight loss. Faster digestion, better absorption of food nutrients and a faster metabolism in all. There are foods to eat that, will always aid this process, eating …

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Top 7 Reasons to Go Vegetarian

Maybe you’ve being asking questions about the other kind of eating diets that you are not so comfortable with and you desire a change. It is perfectly alright to change routes without hurting friends and family who might be wondering or hurt why you decided to change food health styles (some tend to go to …

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