Four Foods That Combat Stress

The food you eat directly affects your stress level even as it affects your body and stamina. We are faced with stress every day and as a result people find different strategies and ways to deal with them.

Unfortunately a very common way for people especially women deal with stress is to eat foods. It is not bad to eat when stressed out but then you must know the right food to eat so as to reduce stress in your system and keep healthy.

Here are some foods that combat stress and therefore are good for consumption when you are stress.

1. Green leafy vegetables

These are very good for anyone combating stress because the help in regulating your mood. Green leafy vegetables do this by causing your body to produce neurotransmitters, that regulate your mood such as serotonin and dopamine.

Research has shown that the consumption of folate decreases the risk of being depressed as compared to those who do not. Therefore green leafy vegetables such as spinach should be incorporated into your diet. You could use them as salad leaf or even added to your food.

2. Organic turkey

Turkey is very rich in protein and tryptophan which makes it automatically good for you in your fight against stress. The protein and tryptophan is converted to amino acid and further converted to serotonin which is a mood regulator.

However, for health sake take organic turkeys as they have not been processed and not been reared in hazardous health conditions. In this way you do not eat anything that will harm you or increase your stress level.

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3. Fermented foods

The brain is also very important and crucial to combating stress, hence the importance of the probiotics in your gut. Unhealthy bacteria can cause mental health issues that will lead to depression and raised anxiety levels.

It has been found out that probiotic Lactobacillus rhamnosus lower the corticosterone (the hormone induces stress) level in your brain resulting in a lower risk of being depressed or anxious.

4. Dark chocolate

If you like chocolate and you think you will take a chocolate to calm your nerves, then it is fine as long as you are taking dark chocolate. This is because it brings about the creation of a chemical by the neurotransmitter in your brain that is called anandamide which blocks the feelings of pain and depression. This is because it causes bliss and even produces other chemicals apart from anandamide that will cause prolonged feel-good feelings.

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