5 Moves for Flat Tummy You Can Do In Your Bed!

5 Moves You Can Do In Your Bed To Have Flut Tummy

Do you know that you can do exercises while you are still in your bed in the morning and have a flat stomach? Well it is possible and it may help you to stay alert through out the day as well as result in a flat tummy. These 5 moves are exactly what you need to kick start you day! No weights are required and you will be doing all these 5 exercises on your bed.

The workout combines 5 moves which you can do either on your exercising mat or on your bed when you wake up in the morning. Each move is 50 seconds long with a break of 10 seconds in between the exercises. You can repeat the workout for 2-3 times for better results.

5 Moves In The Bed For Flat Tummy

Here are the workouts you will be doing in the bed.

  1. Full Body Crunch
  2. Crisscross
  3. Wide Leg Cross Sit ups
  4. Leg Raises
  5. Single Leg Pulses

And here is the video with instructions on how to perform these exercises.

As I always say it, please do consult with your physician before starting any exercising program to avoid any injuries.  Once you are done with your morning workout in your bed, you may want to try this yummy green smoothie which will not only provide nutrients but also is a good way to keep your weight at healthy levels. If you like eating mangoes then you will love this one.

Other workouts you must also try to include into your physical activities will help you to tone you legs and arms.

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  1. Tried this for the first time today and enjoyed it . I am going to do this every day for a month and see the results! Thanks for the awesome video!

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